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Finding the best San Antonio home insurance is made much easier when you first do a little research. Read on to learn some of the basics of San Antonio homeowners insurance coverage and then enter your zip code above to compare the best San Antonio home insurance quotes online from competing insurance companies.

In 2009, the average rate paid by a Texas homeowner for their insurance coverage was $987. In fact, Forbes rated Texas as the most expensive state in which to insure a home in 2004 saying that the state is prone to almost every natural disaster. Texan homeowners living in San Antonio know that this famous city offers more than just the River Walk and the Alamo.

As a college town and the 9th largest populated city in the nation, this is a diverse cultural location. Those of us who call it home, and that is about 1.3 million of us, are well protected from the flooding that is such a concern for other parts of the state. In fact, getting enough rain is our concern and we depend on the Edwards Aquifer to keep us supplied.

As a home owner here, you should know that we rank number one in the state for affordable housing, despite the ugly economy. Also, our natural disaster risk is relatively low which helps manage our home insurance rates. However, when it comes to green or environmentally friendly housing options, we are at the bottom of the barrel. How does all this impact your San Antonio home insurance coverage?

What San Antonio Home Insurance Covers

First of all, you need to know exactly what your San Antonio TX homeowners insurance policy does and does not cover. In its most basic format, this coverage is designed to protect your home and your financial assets from disasters like fire, theft and storms. You can purchase a policy in Texas that only covers the actual structure of your home. However, most homeowners find it makes sense to obtain a five part policy to cover the dwelling, liability, loss of use, personal property and medical payments. Of course, you will pay more for these additional coverage options, but unless you have money in the bank to cover potential disasters, it is highly recommended.

Additional Coverage Recommended for San Antonio Home Insurance

The five coverage options listed above are recommended by theĀ Texas Department of Insurance. Here is an explanation of each:

  • Dwelling protection will cover damage, not only to your home, but to any outbuildings like sheds or fences.
  • Liability coverage will pay for damage to other people and their property. For instance, if your tree falls onto the neighbor's garage or the mailman sues you when he slips on your muddy sidewalk then liability will cover these expenses.
  • Loss of use protection usually offers 10% to 20% of the amount of your dwelling coverage if your home is unusable due to damage and repairs. These funds may be used for temporary housing, food or related expenses.
  • Personal property coverage goes towards the contents of your home for things like furniture, appliances and possessions.
  • Medical payments coverage is an extended liability protection that specifically pays the medically related expenses for other people hurt on your property.

Be aware of the many items that are not included in the above policies. For instance, termite damage, flooding, vermin, and damage due to continuous seepage are not included.

Types of San Antonio Home Insurance

In Texas, any insurer will have to offer you some standard coverage in these forms. You can get HO-A, HO-B or HO-C policies from a number of companies and they all mean the same thing, yet rates will vary. HO-A is the most basic policy type and lists the specific coverage in the policy.
HO-A is for cash value only.

What this means is that you will receive payment, with depreciation of the item included. It's likely that you won't be able to replace the item for the amount you receive. You can purchase amended HO-A policies that let you buy things like replacement value coverage instead of the cash value coverage, at a higher rate.

An HO-B policy will give you replacement value coverage, and will list exclusions for what is not covered. This is the option that usually gives buyers the most coverage for the cost. Some insurers do not offer this option. HO-C policies will give you the ultimate coverage, but at the highest price. There are alternatives policies offered by different companies, but these are the basic three you will find.

Since companies offer different San Antonio home insurance rates for the same coverage, it is foolish not to do some comparison shopping. You can compare rates by using an independent rate quote tool like ours at the top of this page. Sites that offer these free devices are not run by an insurance company, but allow local insurers to send you their best rates. This lets consumers see their choices before committing. It will also tell you if the rates you are being offered are within the state average or if you need to look into lowering your risk factors to get a better rate.

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